Add or Hire Vehicles for Private Trips

Are you travelling interstate and you need a nice vehicle and reliable driver to move you? Making a personal road-trip to the village to see mumsi? Do you just need a good vehicle and driver to hire for the day?

Yes we know that you can stroll to the nearest park and hire a vehicle, but why do you want to stress yourself ehn? Besides, does the park offer you the following:

  1. Verified listing of all vehicles and the owners
  2. Rating of vehicles so you can make informed decisions
  3. Convenience in finding, booking and paying for your choice vehicles
Did you say no? That's exactly what we thought!

Also, if you have any of the vehicles listed below, add them and we'll help you get bookings on them

Vehicles in sector

  • Bus (Coaster)
  • Car (Other)
  • Bus (Hiace)
  • Car (Sedan)
  • Bike (Scooter)
  • Car (SUV)
  • Bike (Other)
  • Car (Sienna)
  • Bike (Bicycle)
  • Car (Pick-up)
  • Bike (Power bike)