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What you should expect while using our service

Thanks for stopping by. Full legalese is still under development. However we focus on abiding by the clear principle below:

  • We place you, our cherished customers and vehicle owners first. Without you, we won't be in business.
  • We appreciate and respect your decision to add or book vehicles on WeMove, and by principle, we try to err towards actions and decisions aimed at making you happy. We'll go the extra mile for you if needed.
  • Because we know that your attention is very scarce, we will only send you messages (emails and SMS) that you absolutely need. Please don't ignore them.
  • We won't share information you give us about yourself with any third party without first asking you if it's OK. However, computed/inferred information can be shared so thet we can serve you better. What ever the case may be, your personal details will NEVER be divulged.